Ignition Reporting Based on Status Tags?

Hello, I am very new to ignition so forgive me if this is a basic question. I am trying to create a report using the reporting component in ignition using information from tags being pulled from PLC's we have setup.
Basically there are two sections to the report, the first is when a certain boolean tag value is true, I want a row to display on the report showing the machine name, mac address, time and other values like such. I have the tags I need with the information that needs to be populated but I'm not sure how to correlate the tag values to populate when that boolean tag is true.
The second section is a data pull, where if the machine status is active, it pulls a 24 hour history of the temperature for the machine at that time over 4 hour intervals along with the machine name, mac address ect.
What's confusing me about this is that every column is a different tag value so I am not too sure how to get them to corelate with the status tags, it would make more sense to me if the data was in a database but I only have the individual tags from each machine. Hopefully what I explained makes sense, I have a illustration here as well for what I'm trying to create.

Basically my thought process so far is that each tag is like a column on the table, and I could use some type of script to append the values but I'm quite unsure how. Any help and ideas would be appreciated.