Ignition Reporting Dynamic Charts

I have a project with multiple sites configured, with potential for more. I would like to show two charts per site configured, in the reporting module. I know there are table groups, which does something similar to what I want, however I would like to be showing charts instead of tables. How would I go about doing this?

Yes, you want table groups. Start with a data query that yields one row per site. That will be the outer data key. Add a nested query for each chart type that always yields one row (per site). These nested queries will be the data keys for the inner tables, each with just one row. Include any ancillary data about that chart at this level. Add a third level of queries, yielding the chart data per chart type per site.

In the nested tables of the table group, use an unstructured row to hold the desired chart, using the middle level of the queries to supply its properties, and the innermost data key to supply its content.

@pturmel Thanks, this worked

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I have a similar issue, but I want a chart associated with the outer data key, and the chart’s only pen (range and pen names) has to ref one of the data item return from the outer data key query in it’s names (like passing a parameter)…can that be done? I see the chart has scripting available but I’m a newbie for swing scripting…
Also I have a table using the sub-query…