Ignition Reporting - Multiple Rows in Structured Column OR Any way to stretch Text Shape?

Good Morning,

I’m attempting to write a report with a table group that needs multiple rows. Some of these elements, however, need the ability to stretch depending on the amount of text being displayed. Here are my issues:

  • Structured Columns stretch the rows vertically as I need them to, but does not allow me to add rows below it with additional information (need to display 12 elements per row, so need to stack)

  • Unstructured Columns allow me to move elements vertically, however it seems that my Text Shapes won’t stretch the way I had intended. In fact it doesn’t stretch at all, even with the “Grow Row” behavior selected for “Overflow Behavior”

Is there another property that I might be overlooking that can get me what I need?

Can you use unstructured columns, and just embed a simple table component?

Unfortunately that doesn’t work, either. While the Table Cell stretches, it only stretches down to the height of the Table Group’s Table Row, leaving the overlapped text to disappear behind it.