Ignition Reporting

Good Morning,

I have been looking into the “Reports” module in ignition and have some questions.
What my dream would be is to have many client applications that can fill in and select information that could then build parameters for a report that can be printed or saved. The hang up is it appears that the only tags I can use is Gateway or global tags and not client tags. If I have multiple clients trying to write to the same Gateway tag there is going to be pollution of the integrity of the parameter. Is there a reason why they have never allowed the use of client tags with reports? Is the another way to get component data to the report without having to go through the Gateway?


Just make parameters that the client needs to pass in.

You can use client tags if you pass them in through parameters via the Report Viewer module. You can’t use them in the report itself because the report is executed on the Gateway, and client tags don’t exist there.

It just depends on the scope and method you are using to generate the report. As stated above, if the report is scheduled or triggered at the gateway level, it will only have access to gateway level items.

For the most part I use scripting within vision or perspective to generate the report I’m using or assigning the parameters. This also allows you to capture value changes to generate the report if you wish.

From within a script you should be able to access client tags (if vision), custom properties, or any other tags or components on the screen.