Ignition Reports grinding to a halt after a few day, restart ignition server and it fast again. 8.1.18

Has anyone had a problem where reports work well for several day, but then the queries take too long, effectively becoming unusable?

Ignition Server CPU 8-20% Memory 4gb/10gb usage.
Database server 2% CPU , 2gb/32gb usage.

The reports are fine immediately after restarting the ignition server, I'm not sure what to look for as I'm sure this will happen again every few days but there is no memory leak (that I know of) and the CPU usage is not high.

Didn't restart the data server, just ignition server.

Any hints or tips would be useful !


Is it the queries that start taking longer or the report generation? If it's the queries, turning the "reporting.Data" loggers to debug or trace might help.

If it's the report generation, I'd suggest upgrading to 8.1.21 or later. We made some dramatic improvements in how memory is handled in PDF generation, and that might solve the issue.

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