Ignition - RFID Reader


I’m trying from Ignition to connect to an RFID Reader (FX9500 Fixed RFID Reader Support & Downloads | Zebra).
Here there is a EMDK with a Jar, but it is only for Windows 7.0 and Windows XP.

I would like to have a suggestion about how I can connect to it and manage the function. It is in Ethernet and it have a fixed IP.
I tried also to use LLRP that is the standard protocol to communicate with the RFID reader. I download the jar (from LLRP toolkit download | SourceForge.net) and I create a pack and put in the lib/core/common folder:

When I tried to launch the Designer I have this error:

Do you have any suggestion or alternative to connect Ignition to a RFID Reader FX7500?

Thank you very much.

Andrea, did you find a solution for the RFID read yet?

We are trying to implement RFID throughout our company and I have reached out to support but am getting no response.


actually we are using the Java library of the Zebra RFID reader.
We embedded these libraries directly inside Ignition and we use the method inside the library to control the RFID.

Which RFID are you using?


By chance, would you be able to post the Zebra java library or where we might be able to get it? We are also going to be using the FX7500


Hi we are using the same fx7500 reader. Did you manage to connect to Ignition?


Did you guys get a solution?

I saw a video on connecting the 9600 to RS Logix.
I was not sure if it is easier to go directly to ignition instead.