Ignition running an UNKNOWN script

Ok, so this is very odd.

i have two gateway timer that are disabled which are updating my database tables.
It seems that there is a script that is always running and I have no clue what it is.
Gateway has been restarted, server has been restarted.

Still running.

Before having to do a complete uninstall, I would like to know what is happening.
This would really screw up any changes of doing an update on a script if the old version keeps running forever.

Any help would be nice.


The old versions don’t run forever, and certainly not after a gateway restart, so you probably have another script somewhere that you haven’t found.

If it’s updating the database, you could try disabling the database connection and then maybe seeing if the error message gives you a hint as to what/where it is…

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Delete or slightly change the DB structure to force the query to error… then you should be able to use the error trace to see the source of the offending script in the logs no the gateway.


So disabling the connection did not change anything and no logs.

i however I realized that while running the SQL profiler, the code was from another machine.
I had installed the Ignition server as well on my java machine, I thought I needed the server to get the jar files which I found in a git repository.
So, now I know that the trial version doesn’t really care about the running scripts. No new tags, no historical data, but the script still runs.

I’m good now.