Ignition Runtime becomes unresponsive randomly

Hi All,

I am currently experiencing Ignition Runtime becoming unresponsive randomly. Once it is unresponsive, I will need to close the Runtime and start it again and everything works until the next time it becomes unresponsive. This unresponsive behavior will appear from 2 hours to around 10 hours after Runtime starts.

I have tried to just logout of the runtime and log back in, but the graphics will hang at the grey screen with the loading circle at the top right hand corner.

Looking at the Overview page of the Gateway, everything seems to be fine. Can I get some advise on where to look into so as to find out the root cause of this issue.

Thank You.

Do you have any scripts running on the gui? In particular periodic ones asking for info from the gateway? E.g. System.alarm.queryStatus

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We have managed to find the problem for this. You were right, there was a script that checks for a period of inactivity and logs the user out. We have removed this script and things have been working fine.