Ignition S7 Driver vs Kepware


I’ve tried to search in the forum but I couldn’t find a manual or an answer to this.

For my main project I’m working on, I could reach 40-50 Siemens PLCs on my automation network in the future.
At the moment I have 15 running with the standard Ignition driver and everything looks fine.

I wonder if there is any official manual that says how many tags/PLCs I can connect on the Ignition S7 Driver and when it’s better to move to a Kepware driver (someone suggest me this, I’ve used it in the past for Omron PLC) ?

I understand that it depends also on how you address/declare tags, if you use DBs or if you go to read bits etc.

Any suggestion would be great.

Thank you

In the past I had 40+ Siemens S7-300s connected to ignition with thousands of tags on the default 1s poll and had no issues whatsoever using the built in S7 driver.

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thank you, this is very reassuring!