Ignition Scada software and managed cloud hosting can work together?

I am looking for the community professionals to help me out in hosting Ignition scada software on managed hosting. I am looking for a more data driven approach with just a minor effort and this is the reason I am looking to outsource the management of hosting through the managed cloud web hosting platform.
So, I would like the professionals to help me if this feasible enough.?

The linked hosting service is for websites driven by PHP, not a managed Virtual Private Server.

I’m on the fence as to whether this is a spam post or not.

Sure sounds human to me. Didn’t think to check the age of the account.

It’s new. If they post again to follow up I’ll leave it.

Perhaps, if you could give any better suggestion.

Ignition needs a complete virtual server, not a web host. There are numerous VPS hosting services with various levels of support. I understand some IA integrators host some Ignition installs for their customers, but I don’t know of any that offer managed Ignition hosting as a product.

So, Cloudways looks like a re-seller of various other cloud compute providers. We use Vultr and Digital Ocean for various clients, with no problems. Any of the providers listed on that site will work just fine.

Whatever you do, make sure you understand the security implications of placing your servers online. Connections to your devices, access for client and server level access all has to be secured.

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