ignition.ScheduleManager Spamming GW Logs

The title is self-explanatory; every 3-10 seconds, my logs are spammed with [E] ScheduleManager. Attempt to check for schedule for "NAME," Which doesn't exist

I've run out of ideas to disable this, but now it's nearly impossible to read logs as its flooding the dump files.

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

Do you have any Alarm Notification Profiles that might be referencing the NAME schedule? Double check that your Config->Alarming->Schedules (in the gateway web UI) are defined as expected, and that the users in your user source are pointed at schedules that exist.

Here is a copy of the Schedules, we use to have all the schedules in here but we werent using them. However, when we did have them, they too would spam the logs. Below is a photo of the logs being spammed.

[SOLVED] The error was appearing because after the schedule was deleted, there were still users assigned that schedule which was causing the issues.

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