Ignition Screen Goes White Blank


I have been facing this problem from last few weeks and couldn’t understand the reason behind it.

Once I start the Ignition SCADA project, it runs fine but if I leave it for sometime and return again to see the reading on Ignition project. The screen goes white blank and unresponsive. I cannot close it but can minimize and maximize it only.

I am using Ignition 7.6.6 with Iced Tea Java Version 7.

Also, there is one more issue that when I start the project or Ignition Designer, the mouse starts flickering alot. it appears and then disappears alot.

Again not sure about the issue behind it.

The process engineers are quite upset with these faults and wanted to know me to fix it ASAP.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



Sounds like it could be a script that is constantly running and consuming resources.

Do you have any scripts triggered when the client starts? Since your mouse pointer flickers when running the client in the designer it would be easy to disable any of these scripts or even parts of them and see if the problem disappears. That would help locate the source of the problem.

Are there any timers on the pages(s) that are loaded when the client starts? Maybe there’s one that isn’t getting stopped after its code is run.

Could also be that you have a script that is causing an infinite loop. That can happen when you have a loop and the state that is supposed to trigger the loop exit is never being reached.

Perhaps JGJohnson is right. When this happens can you check the CPU usage of the machine? If the CPU is maxed out then perhaps there is an infinite loop in a script like JGJohnson mentioned.