Ignition Screen Resolution - Full Screen - Gap


I am new starter on igition. I am using Ignition 8.2 and the IPC screen resolution is 1280 x 800. I set the launching width 1280 and height 800 as well as Launch Mode to Full screen at Project properties, Also I set width 1280 and height 800 for each vision window. However, there is a thin gap on the left and right of the screen of IPC. Most likely this is caused by the “Command/Windows/Help” Tab bar on the top. It takes the room, so likely the reset of the window is not enough, then the ignition automatically shrink the reset of the windows leaving left and right two gaps there. Could you please let me know how I can set the size of the window or project properties according to this. I think every project would have this issue.

Firstly, are you using any docked windows for your various navigation button areas?

You can turn off display of the menu bar from project properties in the designer of you don’t want that.

The most likely reason you’re seeing bands either side of your window content is due to the menu bar display combined with your window content component layout settings. By default all windows components use relative scaling maintaining aspect ratio. With the menu bar, the window is no longer 800 high, but it might be 760 or something high, hence to maintain aspect ratio, is has to pull the sides in and leave gaps.

The other layout option is to use anchoring. This layout mode will instead tell the component to be anchored to the selected window edges. In this layout however objects will no longer relative size. They will resize however if two opposite edge anchor points are used though which is useful for tables and the like.

For nav however, I would suggest moving this out into a docked window. Otherwise, if you really don’t want the gaps, turn off menu bar or anchor your buttons to the top left of the window

Thanks very much! nminchin

According to your recommendation, I think the easiest way is to hide the menu in regular operation. But since this menu is very handy and useful, is there a method to call the menu showing up if it was hidden.

Regarding the ‘docked window’, does it come from the setting “Dock Position” from each window properties?

Thanks for your answer, I am a new learnner on the Ignition, Thanks again!

I don’t think you can show and hide this, it’s either shown or it’s not, so if you need it then that’s not an option. In that case, you might want to then accommodate for that by reducing the size of your windows. Not sure if the size of it is documented somewhere, otherwise just use a screen capture of it and measure the size in Paint. Or rather, set your main window size page background to something obnoxious (pink) and then measure the size of the pink to know what your window dimensions should be

Correct, maximise should be set to off for docked windows as well. Docks should be used where a window should be placed against one of the client’s edges, especially for displaying things that will always be shown for each main page for example page navigation, but not always. For example you can also use docked windows for an alarm banner that you can open and close or a notification banner.

Check out the user manual for info on docked windows and window types in general