Ignition - Scripting - Database Pool - Dedicated username

I’m on 8.1.17

Database connections are pool connections and use the API username/password, I want to know if is there a way to dedicate a connection to the authenticated user instead of the API username to be able to know who made change to the db without having to specify the username for each query ?


If you enable project auditing, DB updates will be automatically recorded in the audit log including the username, if known.

OK, but we have lots of DB with custom APP build with Perspective, so it’s not possible to delegate the authenticated usename, or just specify username to use when we request connection.

Not through Ignition’s built in database connection mechanism, no.

You would have to script a workaround, either by manipulating your DB connections (definitely not recommended) or manually creating your own connections (also not recommended). A module would be the cleanest way to do this, but would involve some fairly significant effort.