Ignition scroll bar pane to button


table = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Table 1’) rowHeight = table.getRowHeight() scrollBar = table.getVerticalScrollBar() scrollBar.setValue(scrollBar.getValue() + rowHeight)

In code it does not select the row automatically/programmatically, how can i modify this code from MR.K001,got this code also from this forum. How can i modify the this code to selecte row every it scrolls downward one at a time? The table is displaying only one row.

If it’s only displaying 1 row, then you can’t really scroll and use that code, no?

To select a row though, you just need to write to the table’s selectedItem property of the table.

Also, for any code, you need to place the code inside surrounding 3 back ticks (` or use the button Screenshot_20210320-131322_Chrome ) in order to preserve formatting, otherwise python is impossible to read

not literally one row,
only the row selected when moving downwards or upwards using button acting as a scrollbar pane