Ignition SDK fot 7.6.7


I have Ignition 7.6.7

I need the SDK for this version. When I go to the download section of the Inductive Automation web site and when I choose the 7.6.7 in the archives, the download link for the 7.6.7 sdk is empty, the more recent sdk I can download is 7.6.6

Can I use the Ignition 7.6.6 sdk with a 7.6.7 version ? if not where do I find the sdk for this version ?

You can use the 7.6.6 version, none of the APIs changed.

Therefore I use the 7.6.6 sdk version.

I have compiled successfully the componentexample with the ant script under Eclipse

I have installed succesfully the module on the gateway

When I launch the designer, I have a fatal error when it tries to unpack componentexample.designer.jar ??
(see the attached image)

Do you have any idea about this problem ?

Not sure… are there more details (launch with Java Console enabled)? What version of Java are you launching with?

I use the last version of Java (1.8)

Java 1.8 sorry

I have nothing in the console output

I have enabled the Java console and I have more information about the Java exception occuring when I launch the designer

I think you need to compile and run using Java 6 when building modules for Ignition 7.6 and prior. Something about the pack200 format changed for Java 7 or Java 8…

I have tried with jre6 but Eclipse told me that 1.6 was not supported
Therefore, I have tried with JRE7 and it seems to work !
No more error when launching the designer !