Ignition Sees UInt32 from OPC-UA as Int8

We have DINT and DWORD values in a Beckhoff PLC running a TwinCAT OPC-UA server. The DINT values are Int32 and the DWORD values are UInt32, as specified by Beckhoff and as shown in their OPC-UA Sample Client below (in PLC, CtrlID is DINT and Tripped is DWORD):
[attachment=2]Message 2014.04.29 200124.bmp.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=1]Message 2014.04.29 200124.bmp - Copy.jpg[/attachment]
When these same tags are browsed in Ignition’s OPC Browser and dragged into SQL Tags, they are created as Int4 for the DINT/Int32 (correct) and Int8 for the DWORD/UInt32 (incorrect):
[attachment=0]Fullscreen capture 2014.04.29 201321.bmp.jpg[/attachment]
We can manually fix the tags, but there are a lot of them. Why is Ignition seeing unsigned 32-bit integers as 64-bit (8 byte) integers? What can we do to fix it?

It’s not, really, and you don’t need to fix them. The UA client should knows it’s a UInt32 and write values with the appropriate data type.

SQLTags don’t use unsigned types, so if you want to be able to see the full range of your UInt32 you need to allow the SQLTags to be upcast to Int8.

Good to know; that makes sense it a not so obvious sort of way :slight_smile: If the UA client writes it as an UInt32, I’m fine with Ignition considering it an Int64. Thanks Kevin!

Perhaps something could be added to documentation on data types to explain how unsigned types are handled in SQL tags (maybe it’s already there and I just didn’t find it with my “data types”, “int8”, and “unsigned integer” search phrases). The main Data Types page might be a good one to include this on, along with the terms shown in designer for each datatype, such as “Int4”, “Int8”, etc (which are NOT presently on that page).