Ignition Server Appliance

We are also creating an x86 based server appliance, to be used as a central node for larger Ignition systems.

Enclosure - 1U rack mount server, 2 socket motherboard
Memory - 64 GB
Storage - 3 TB usable storage space
Redundant power supplies
Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
On board KVM
Blue/Orange Ignition Bezel

This is the grand daddy of most systems. This is not just a server with Ignition installed. It is tuned to get every bit of performance out of the hardware. The appliance will also be locked down on the firewall and slimmed down to minimize any potential risk. Comes with a Ignition Works license.

Hi Kyle,

Really nice range of hardware. Do you have a pricelist and spec sheets ?


We currently do not have pricing, and the performance sheet is not yet available. Im posting to estimate general interest in this product. Should be release Mid July.