Ignition Server Disk Size

Can someone suggest a disk size for a serber ignition system? I’m currently at 29GB and it is now maxed out.

Ignition doesn’t consume much space - a few gigabytes, the vast majority of which is the compressed runtimes for each OS we support.

What consumes space, typically, is historical data. Are you using an external RDBMS like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server? Or Ignition’s “internal” (SQLite) historian?

I am using MySql

Take a look at this post and the excel file linked further in the thread. This can give you an idea of how quickly your system might be storing data. If it works for your application, consider enabling pruning for old historical data.

If you can clear up enough disk space to run for e.g. a week, you can also do real world benchmarking. Extrapolate from a week to whatever pruning rate you need, and you’ll get a rough idea of your bare minimum storage requirements. Give yourself a healthy safety margin to account for variance and system expansion over time.

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