Ignition Server installation by using command line statement

Hi All,

I am using ignition 8.0.12 as server version, want to automate server install by running executable and other module options as well. Please suggest command line statement to do this for customized module driver options.

The documentation explains how to do a command line install. I’m not sure what you mean by customized module driver options; if you want to install custom modules you can simply add them to the user-lib/modules/ folder in the installation directory before the gateway first starts up.

If you want 3rd-party modules to start up without being quarantined, you’ll also want to use the sqlite3 executable to add the appropriate signatures to config.idb. Unfortunately, you can’t do this before Ignition starts because config.idb hasn’t been generated yet. It’s a bit tricky, but if you use the zip installer you can omit all modules, start up for commissioning, which creates config.idb, and shut back down. Then you can adjust config.idb as you see fit, move modules back into user-lib, and start up for real.

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