Ignition Server on Cloud


Is anybody running Ignition Server(7.9) from the cloud?

Would like opinions about this.


If you plan on running one steadily, it shouldn’t be a problem. I have a customer doing so. But be aware that the licensing system needs to “fingerprint” the server, and if your cloud service breaks that fingerprint, Ignition will stop working. You might need some help from IA on that part.

What do you mean by “Fingerprint” the server?

Ive ran in the cloud in many different systems and have never had an issue with licensing.

But to answer your question, I have never ran 7.9, just 7.8 on down.

When you activate a license key on Ignition, the requesting server sends a cryptographic hash of some of its hardware serial numbers to IA to be incorporated into the actual license file, and kept on file at IA. An image of that install that is run on different hardware likely won’t accept the license. That’s why you have to unactivate then reactivate when you move an Ignition install to a new server.
IA doesn’t publish what hardware components are included in the hash, and I wouldn’t expect them to ever share that. If you are only running individually licensed servers in the cloud, and your cloud provider maintains the same virtual hardware serial numbers as they move your instance around, you’ll be fine. If you are trying to run a really big distributed install with servers spinning up on demand, you’ll have a problem.

Thanks, this has be very informative!!

I appreciate the input.

dcamp, also keep in mind that you are likely to see increased latencies with the Gateway being off-premises.
Also, pay attention at system requirements (you can find minimum system requirements here: https://inductiveautomation.com/resources/technical/systemrequirements), and whether the particular instance / node / service meets those requirements.