Ignition server OPC-UA endpoints include facebook.com!

As well as the expected endpoints with server name, localhost, and loopback address, we get endpoints for facebook.com too:
We see these when setting endpoint for a connection from Ignition 7.9.9 OPC-UA client to Ignition 8.0.2 OPC-UA server (had to reselect endpoints after upgrading server to 8.0.2 for successful connection). Is there a way to eliminate these facebook.com endpoints?

Sounds like you have a DNS firewall somewhere that is both returning for facebook and reverse resolving it. Diverting facebook traffic is a good thing in my book, but needs to always reverse resolve to localhost.


That makes sense; thanks @pturmel. IT blocks facebook.com on corporate network as some operators seemed to think their job was keeping up on facebook… I’ll ask them to fix the reverse resolve.

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