Ignition Server Requirements

I’m looking at a project that will require just the SQL Bridge Module and the OPC Bridge Module. I’ve looked at the Ignition system requirements but wonder if Windows XP Embeded is sufficient. Your requirements are for Java SE 6 but I think only Java 5 runs on XP Embedded - java.sun.com/javase/downloads/embedded.jsp.

Do you know if an Ignition system with our required modules will run on XP Embedded?

Yes, you can run Ignition on Windows XP embedded because the full Java JRE can be installed.

That link you posted re: Java’s “Embedded” support uses a different definition of “Embedded” than is used in Windows XP “Embedded”. Most notably, that page has JREs built for ARM processors.

Thanks guys. Just to clarify, if the industrial PC running XP Embedded does not have Java 6, I’ll need to install JRE 6.