Ignition Server Requirements

Hi All,

I was hoping to get some more info on the system requirements for both an Ignition Server. I had found the link on the website for the requirements, however, it really doesn’t say if the requirements are for a server of client.

Basically what I’m hoping this thread will identify the recommended server requirements so I can make sure we are recommending a good piece of hardware to the customer, that Ignition will have no problems running on.

I do understand it is quite dependent on the size of the system to be designed, but what is a good starter system for a customer, assuming the sky is not the limit, and the customer does want to invest in a good piece of hardware?

Here are a few of the metrics I was hoping to identify:

Supported Operating Systems
Windows Server 2003/2008 [color=#FF0000](Are all service packs supported?)[/color]
Windows XP, Vista, 7 [color=#FF0000](Are all service packs supported?)[/color]
Ubuntu Linux 8.04 or later
Other Java 6 enabled OSes*

Java SE 6 (server)
Java SE 5 or 6 (client)
1024 MB RAM
1GB free HD space
(requirements vary by usage)

Supported Databases
Microsoft SQL Server
Any JDBC database**

[color=#FF0000]Processor Speed?

of Processors?

32bit vs 64bit?[/color]

What does everyone else typically use/recommend?
Is 1GB of ram really enough to run an ignition server?

All service packs are supported, but it's always recommended to stay as up to date as possible. Also while all of those operating systems are supported, most production deployments are done on server-class hardware running one of the server OS's.

You definitely want to use whatever you or your customer (or hopefully your/their database admin :slight_smile:) are most comfortable maintaining.

You'd be hard pressed to even find a server-class machine that wasn't 64-bit and at least dual-core.

1GB of ram is enough for modest-sized projects right now. I think a lot of people end up allocating 2GB and using a 64-bit install. The most you can allocate on a 32-bit install is 1.5GB.

But again, a server-class machine probably won't have any less than 4GB so it shouldn't end up being a problem.

Be careful on the RAM assumptions - often times with a virtual machine you'll get what you ask for.

I guess a different way to ask the same question would be:
Has anyone done a calculation to aid in the hardware selection based on the number of I/O points, devices and concurrent users?