Ignition Server Sizing and Specification Guide or Calculator?

Is there any existing guide, table or calculator to assist in server hardware specification (system requirements) for an Ignition server (full or Edge) based on use case (workload); considering things such as:

  • Total count of connected devices
  • Total I/O count
  • Total count of concurrent connected clients
  • Historian hosted on same computer
  • etc.

The system requirements listed on the dowloads page seem to provide a minimum spec, likely insufficient for heavier workloads.

I am looking for something that provides a recommended specification based on actual (anticipated) workload and architecture.


This is very, very hard to benchmark seeing as there are so many variables that factor into it.
My current system runs around 10 clients, 700 tags, db hosted locally at 50 qps, and 50 requests per second. With a Xeon 2.5 GHz processor and 8 gb of ram, 3gb dedicated to Ignition, I stay around 3% cpu usage and 300-700mb of memory. So with that, the load is handled rather easily.