Ignition Service crash/hang

Every couple weeks since upgrading to 7.7.4, my master node hangs, OPC connections die, but it doesn’t fail over to the backup node and resume, resulting in a ton of lost (legal compliance!) data. I don’t see any smoking guns in the console, and only a full OS restart (Server 2008 R2) gets things going again. I tried a gateway restart with no luck. CPU is not pegged, RAM is normal usage per Task Manager and Ignition console… not sure where else to look!

Logs attached, occurred last night around 8:30-9pm.
logs.bin.gz (334 KB)

Happened again! This is crazy.

logs(1).bin.gz (288 KB)

Could you install this logix driver module: files.inductiveautomation.com/be … river.modl

I don’t think it’s going to fix the problem, but it does fix the crazy log spam that from the driver when it can’t create a CIP connection that is filling your logs and possibly preventing us from seeing what’s really going on.

I have had some issues with 7.7.4 running on Server 2008R2. My issues seem to revolve around Windows updates waiting to be installed. Generally I’ll get a notification from a user that the application is running slow, when I check the server it has a few updates to install, install the updates and reboot the server and everything keeps running along. Last time I received no warning, Ignition had just locked up, I checked the server and there were Windows updates that had to be installed.

I don’t have any automatic updates- I typically push them as needed from WSUS (Windows Server Update Service), since I’m fortunate enough to manage my own domain services.

I’m going to try to download/push the latest set of updates- maybe there’s a hotfix that’s assumed I have installed but don’t that’s contributing to the instability.