Ignition service stopping

Even with delayed start, Ignition service is stopped after a week of idle ( when we don’t use the system )

There’s really not a lot of information to go on here.

First, what version of Ignition are you using?
Second, what’s your indication that the service has stopped?
Third, are there any errors in the wrapper.log file in the installation directory?

I am on version 8.1.9.
when i open http://localhost:8088,(The PC where ignition server is installed ) the gateway page doesn’t open.
So i go to windows service and see ignition service as stopped, I manually start the service and everything works.
This is a Windows server 2019 server edition. We are setting this PC for one of our clients, they have not started using the vision clients yet, so we use this pc now just to upload projects ( From another ignition gateway), we do this project upload once in 15 days.Whenever i try to upload a project i see Ignition service stopped, I restart service manually and do my job
wrapper.log (4.8 MB)
Attached Log file for reference

Around 10PM each night, something is taking all the CPU resources from your machine, which causes the JVM to struggle under garbage collection load, leading to increasingly longer stop-the-world events. Sometimes those pauses are long enough the wrapper decides Ignition isn’t responding and restarts it to attempt to fix the problem.

2022-05-20 22:04:43:000
JVM appears hung: Timed out waiting for signal from JVM.  Restarting JVM.

You should figure out what’s happening to your server at 10PM. My guess is it’s a VM, and the host is running scheduled backups, or something along those lines.

When we checked this with our IT Team, they said Zulu platform is consuming 90% of CPU,& that might be the root cause of all this. Is there any upgrade to Java that could help here.

Is 8 GB RAM enough for ignition server to run properly ?

It can be, but it's not possible to answer that question without knowing details about how many tags and projects and everything else you have. You might want to call into support and work with them to figure out why your CPU usage is consistently high.

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Can you please share Ignition India Contact support Number ?

We have around 30000 tags ( majority coming from AB Micro 850 PLC) via Kepserverex v6.9, around 25-30 tags coming from AB Micro PLC via Modbus, rest ( around 200 tags) coming from Ingersoll rand DC tool via kepware-Torque Tool Ethernet protocol.
we have 25 projects in a single gateway.

Your server CPU specs seem reasonable for the workload. Unless you have many Perspective clients. (Perspective’s customized logic runs in the gateway, not the browser, so produces more gateway CPU load than a similar application with Vision.)

You might want support to help you collect and analyze thread dumps to see if you can identify CPU hogs in your application.


There is no India-specific support.

One problem I see from these screenshots and recording is that your server only has 8GB ram total, and you seem to have allocated 8GB to Ignition as well. I’m not sure it’s causing the issue you have now, but it’s sure to be an issue in the future.

The OS needs memory, Kepware needs memory, the database needs memory if you’re running it on the same server, etc…


I have just tried to upgrade to 8.1.26 but fails with can not access gateway - when i check in services i see ignition has stopped and i can not start it - any help

Can you inspect the contents of logs/wrapper.log (located within the Ignition installation folder)? There should be some hints there as to what might be having trouble with the startup.

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I decided to uninstall everything as i had backups of the project. after doing a complete install once again was able to get the GateWay restarted

thanks for the response