Ignition service user

I’d like to know how to get Ignition Windows service to start/run under a named user account (because I need to send scheduled backups to a network path).

I have changed the Log On to “This account” and entered creds on the Ignition Windows service properties, but Ignition fails to start.

I also edited ignition.conf:

but didn’t seem to help, and I was unsure whether this was required in any case.

What errors, if any, are making it into the wrapper.log file in the Ignition installation directory?

Ah, should have picked that up. File permissions on the Ignition folder for the service account.

Gave user permissions and it all works. Additional ignition.conf lines not required it would seem.

Thanks for the steer.

You can also map a network drive instead of running the service as a different user: Mapping a Network Drive - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation