Ignition & SIL 2 certification

Hi Everybody

Has anyone used Ignition in a project certified SIL 2?

I need some references where Ignition has been used

Thank you very much


I’d be shocked if you could get a system certified as even SIL 1 if Ignition was in the logic path of any safety function.

As far as I understand, you can’t even certify an isolated piece of software as SIL 2. Only a complete system can be certified as such.

That said, since Ignition gives you access to all Java classes, including the classes to call external code. There’s really no way Ignition on it’s own can be considered as “safety hazard reducing”.

Your only option will indeed be, as Phil said, to not include Ignition (or any non-deterministic software actually) in a SIL evaluation as part of the logic. Ignition can still be used for non-critical parts though, like displaying the current status.