Ignition SP transaction group not recognizing new procedures

I created a few new stored procedures and stored procedure transaction groups today. The problem is that Ignition doesn’t display the new groups. Even though all the parameters match, and I have not typed anything in incorrectly I receive an error.

The error message I receive:

“Parameter XXX was not defined for stored procedure YYY”

When I change the stored procedure to a name that does not exist, I receive the same error.

So, I assume Ignition is not recognizing that I have created new Stored Procedures. How can I fix this?

Fixed my own problem… Again.

Though I must express my appreciation for the top notch tech support you guys provide. Thank you.

Ah, I meant to reply to this and then got distracted, and unfortunately once that happens the topic isn’t highlighted any more and tends to get lost… :angry:

What ended up being the problem?

I had created an SQL login specifically for Ignition authentication to the DB. When using this login, Ignition would not recognize that I had created new Stored Procedures.

I suppose I won’t make that mistake again. :bulb: