Ignition stops passing parameters to View root's onStartup after Save+Publish

I’ve been getting very inconsistent results from my onStartup script on the root container from saving changes in the designer, even if I later close out of it: All parameters of the view I’m working on go back to my default of ‘’. The only thing that consistently clears the problem is restarting the gateway entirely, then I get the actual URL parameters showing up again. I tested this repeatedly with raise in the script and checking wrapper.log; as soon as I make a change to the script and save it, the script only sees the param defaults until the gateway is restarted, every time.

Any label or component that’s linked to those params will pick them up no problem, so I don’t know if this is a race condition or something odd happening during the subsequent onStartup initialization.

Any chance you could supply the View in question either in the thread or through direct message?
We had similar issues when using perspective.navigate() in View StartUp scripts, and perspective.refresh() in View Shutdown scripts. Is there any chance you’re using either scenario?