Ignition Store are Forward

I am trying to determine if the “Store and Forward” function would be appropriate for my application.
I have a PLC based process where every two minutes I need to write less than 12 records to my database. In the next process I query the data base to make sure the data from the 1st process is present before allowing the 2nd process to execute. So I would like the data written from the 1st process to make it to the database fairly quickly so the 2nd process is not delayed. With the store and forward it appears that I would need to setup a schedule to control when the buffered data is forwarded to the database. So for my application it would not work to schedule a data dump for a specific window of the day. I would want the data to be forwarded promptly and only stored if the database could not be reached. Could I do this with Store and forward?

There may be some confusion as to store and forward.

The main idea behind it is like you said “buffer” database writes. The buffering only takes place in 2 cases:

  1. The database is unreachable, therefore Ignition will internally queue these requests to retry at a scheduled time or automatically.
  2. The database is being access at a high frequency, and your db write cannot successfully go through, store and forward will buffer and retry on schedule or immediately.

By default, all database writes occur immediately except for the 2 above scenarios. If the schedule option is not enabled, Ignition will retry on its own as soon as the connection is restored.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit.