Ignition Tag Historian Crashing MySQL Server

Hello all,
I’ve had an Ignition SCADA system running for some time now and all worked perfectly.
Recently my trends and reports turned red and errored - The MySQL Server has crashed.
Once I restart the MySQL server, it runs for a few seconds then error “Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’ (10061) (2003)” is returned.
This only occurs when the Tag History is enabled, when disabled the system runs as intended (except without trend data).
No updates have been done on the system recently. (MySQL version 8.0.15, Ignition Version 7.9.10)
If anyone could provide any assistance on this query that would be great.
Thanks in advance!

Do you have a query somewhere that’s accidentally pulling in an egregious amount of history? For instance, a ‘start time’ that’s bound to something that evaluates to 0 would attempt to query history from 1970 to whatever the end time is, which might be enough to topple your MySQL server.
Does MySQL have any crash logs? Is MySQL running on the same server as the gateway? How much memory is available on that/those server(s), and how much is dedicated to Ignition and MySQL, respectively? Have you done any tuning to MySQL’s buffer settings?