Ignition Tag Historian is trying to create table when turned off

I have problem: few weeks ago I was trying to use Igntion Tag Historian. Eventually I turned off all of the “Strote history for this tag:” to ‘No’. But I keep seeing following error:
What is odd, this user is allowed to create tables. I tried to restart the module.
Unfortunately I can not restart whole gateway.

The historian may still be trying to send data for a single tag that exists somewhere.

If you don’t have any need to store history using that DB connection, then disable the history provider entirely ( Configure -> Tags -> Historical, edit the historical provider with the name of the DB connection).

As for the error itself - it’s a response we’re getting from your server, so while that user might have access to create tables they may not have access from any host to create tables? Note the ‘OPCKepIgnition @’.