Ignition Tags Export

Is there a way to get a complete tag export with full name and path from the designer?

Right-clicking on the top level object and selecting export does not give a full list and the csv generated is terribly confusing.

Any thoughts?


CSV cannot express all of the content. Use XML export/import for all but the simplest tasks. (JSON export/import in v8, perhaps.)


Thanks Phil.

Taking this a step further, I used system.tag.browseTagsSimple() to build my own list much more readable than the export options. But again, it does not contain all the tags in the system Any reason for this, or ways to get all the tags to come out?

rootPath = ""
sortPref = "ASC"
writeSet = set()

tagCount = 0
print("\n\n Start time: ", startTimestamp)
tags = system.tag.browseTagsSimple(rootPath, sortPref)
for tag in tags:
	tagCount +=1
	#print( tag.name)

any thoughts??


What tags are missing? I hope you noted in the docs that browseTagsSimple only browses the one target folder of one provider. If you wish to retrieve the whole tree you must recurse within your code to call browseTagsSimple with each folder found.

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Thanks for the hint about the code quoting, I’m trying to do better in the forums.


Not the blockquote button. Place three reverse single quote marks (the one that is typically on the key with the tilde character) on the line above your code and again on the line below your code. It’ll look like this:

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