Ignition tags to AB PLC

I use tags from my AB plcs in Ignition. How do I use ignition tag values back in the plc using studio 5000? Do I have to add ignition server in controller properties in each studio 5000 program/plc?

  • Create the tags in the PLC.
  • Go to Gateway → Config → OPC UA → Device Connections. Add a connection to each PLC to be included on the system.
  • In the Tag Browser create a folder for each PLC or machine or whatever way you want to organise them.
  • Add tags to each folder. If you need Ignition to be able to write to them then enable that in the tag setup.

It sounds like you haven't done the free training at

Just make tags in Ignition as usual, but write to them from Ignition. Unless you've limited external access in Studio, they'll be bidirectional.

If you have more demanding requirements, and really do need to add Ignition into your controller's I/O tree, I happen to have a module for that (adapter mode):

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