Ignition textbox binding returns opposite boolean value

This might be a trivial question. What is the difference between binding to a tag and binding to the tag’s value. For example in picture 1 below, why does it returns opposite values? For some other tags they returns the same value (picture 2). These tags are all in boolean data type.

There (should be) is no difference between the two. The tag system is supposed to tag a binding to the ‘root’ of the tag and automatically translate it as a read of the value property.

I’m curious what Ignition version you’re using and whether an upgrade is possible? This might just be some old bug.

I’m using Version: 8.1.17 (b2022051210).

We set up these bindings to the tag in the previous versions, but this bug only appears recently when we upgraded it to 8.1.17.

Hmm, that’s definitely not expected. Can you contact support, if you haven’t already?