Ignition Thick Client

Hi, I have a client that would like to install Thick Clients at the Remote site levels on the HMI’s so when connectivity is lost to the sites from the Command Center they can control Locally. This will require the DA Driver for that specific site to be local.

What would my client require or how can this be achieved?

Local control requires an Ignition gateway. Vision and Perspective (via workstation) both have the ability to automatically ‘fall back’ to a locally running gateway; so in normal operation you would be connecting to the ‘main’ facility’s gateway, and in the event of a network failure your HMI would automatically switch to the local gateway.

Typically, the ‘local clients’ would be Edge setups with appropriate licensing, but currently Edge doesn’t support OPC-DA. You should contact our sales department to work out an appropriate architecture.


Thank you for the fast response…