IGNITION to Atlas copco Power Focus 6000 Model(without PLC)

Hello All,

i am trying to understand how to go about connecting IGNITION directly to Atlas copco Power focus 6000 Model which supports Open Protocol.

Being new to Ignition, and my understanding of IGNITION Protocols, i cannot connect to that, i need to buy Third Party tools like Kepware Torque Tool Ethernet OPC UA to connect.

Is that correct understanding-Please Advise.



You’re understanding is correct; you’ll need a 3rd party OPC UA server like Kepware.

Thanks Kevin.

Reviving this topic, it is planned to create a module or an update that allows the connection with the Atlas Copco torque equipment?


Any plans to develop Torque Tool driver for ignition ? because that is only thing I use my Kepserver for.
And we had issues getting support from them, tag update rate issues. Keeping my fingers crossed


Also only use kepserver for this and would love a native Ignition implementation.


I had an engineer at my company ask if Ignition can talk to Atlas devices. Reading through various threads, looks like there's no native driver or module yet? Kepware is still the preferred method?


Or use CMT-G01 from maple systems