Ignition to dump float value in SLC

I’ve got a pump controlled by a SLC 5/04 over a DH+ network that received a message flow value from another SLC in the network. This flow value is now inside a compactlogix that is on Ethernet. Is there a way to use Ignition to grab the flow from the compactlogix and dump it in the SLC?

Is Ignition already connected to the SLC? If so then you could just use a transaction group and drag in the two tags, set the target of the compactlogix tag to the SLC tag in the group, and then set the SLC tag to read only. When the group runs it will write the compactlogix tag value to the SLC tag. Use and OPC->DB group for this. You’re not actually going to be interacting with the DB though so you can type in whatever Table name you want and just uncheck Automatically Create Table.

Now if you don’t have the SLC connected to Ignition then you’re going to have to do that first. In order to connect to a PLC over DH+ you’re going to have to bridge through a ControlLogix gateway with a DHRIO module like it’s explained here

Ignition needs to go through a DHRIO to get to a DH+ SLC anyways. If the chassis with the DHRIO and the CompactLogix are on the same ethernet, there’s no reason the CompactLogix can’t message directly to the SLC, just like the previous controller. KISS :slight_smile: