Ignition to Fatek FBs PLC

Hi Guys,

I have a job which has a Fatek FBs PLC with an Ethernet CBE module.

This module can support Modbus TCP. I can comunicate no problem using modscan.

Using the Modbus V2 V2.5.2 modules TCP driver and specifying some address ranges I can see some data on the PLC.

The problem I have is that the data is very slow in updating and very unreliable. Trying to write back to a register errors with “Bad Quality” but works sometimes.

Has anybody connected to a Fatek before?

Any hints or ideas very welcome…



You may need to increase the “Communication Timeout” property a little bit and make sure any SQLTags for this device are in a slow scan class. It sounds like this device is simply too slow to respond as fast as your asking it to.

Hi Kevin, 0ms0,
We have been trying the same thing. Fatek FBs-20-MC with a CBE module. We can read the Input and output coils but can not read the Holding Registers R0 - R4167.

Are you able to read these values if so how.

We have been working on this for over a month now.

My email is Rafey.shahid@qanare.com

Any help would be great. Thanks


Just Found out that You do not need to add use the 40001 just 1 with a selection of Holding registers is needed.


You are correct, the 4 can be omitted. This just identifies it as a holding register. When you address the tag (e.g. [MyDevice]1.HR1024) you specify that you are reading a holding register. We add this prefix on behinds the scenes. Glad you got it working.