Ignition to IQVISION supervisor - OPC UA communication

Hi all,
I want to establish OPC UA communication between Ignition and IQVISION supervisor, however there are some issues.
Ignition PC sends ACK,CWR, ECE flags while establishing communication. After exchanging PSH, ACK messages the communication is not established.

These TCP flags are used together with two flags in the IP header (ECT and CE) to warn senders of congestion in the network thereby avoiding packet drops and retransmissions.

Did someone have experience with this and how can I resolve this ?

OPC.zip (5.9 MB)

I want to add,
in the data folder in Ignition there are no certificates from the OPC UA server (IQVISION). The folder is empty.

What are the IP addresses and ports that should be looked at in this capture?

What are the errors you are seeing in the Ignition logs and status pages?

Ignition (OPC client):
IQVISION (OPC server):

Error code "The user identity token is valid but the server has rejected it."

Ok, that probably means either:

  • you didn't provide a username/password, but the server expects one
  • you did provide a username/password, but it's either wrong or the server is not expecting one