Ignition to read Citect dbf file

The citect SCADA is using DBF files to store some data.
Is it possible to use ignition to read the DBF files.

There is a python module that can read the file. It works by importing the module and call it in the script.

Not sure whether there's an ignition device module that can be used to read the file directly.

Not a device driver, a database driver:


I see. It is not considered as a device but a db.
Citect has another file called cdk, it looks like no way to reas this file except from using cicode.

I found the following solution works well.

  1. Using pycharm or vscode to write and test the script.
  2. using dbf module.
    dbf · PyPI
  3. write and test script to read/write dbf module.
  4. using python 3 to call the script from ignition, the script does not work if directly calling from ignition.

refer to the other post for a bit more details about the issue if using ignition directly to call the dbf module.

You can still call the dbf read function from ignition directly.
Only the write function is not working well, at least to me.