Ignition Transmission module issue

Hi All,

In our Ignition (version 7.9.13) we are facing the below issue if anyone has any solution or suggestion please let us know.

  1. MQTT Transmission is not getting connected to the external MQTT server (custom created) on another system.

  2. How can we get separate TAG data in individual MQTT topic?

  3. How do we write TAGs through external MQTT client (how to discover the TAG name).

Thanks in advance,
Dushyant Gurumukhi

The MQTT modules were developed by Cirrus Link, a partner of Inductive Automation. They would have better info for troubleshooting. However, note that the transmission module only writes Ignition tag changes to the MQTT broker. From my understanding, the Transmission module does not subscribe to topics on an MQTT broker/server. The Engine module is what will subscribe to your broker topics. Also consider the type of namespace your broker uses. The Engine module will auto setup sparkplug namespaces. If your server uses just a json string, then you will create a custom namespace, add enable JSON parsing on it. The tags will be automatically created once connected, and they will show up in the designer under All Providers->MQTT Engine->Topic Name

I have the same question,did you solve it?