Ignition trial cannot reset in Virtual machine?

After 2 hours trial, “Reset Trial” option is not shown in Ignition web page. “Sign in to Reset” keeps showing. After keying the loggin user name and password, the web page has no change and still asks for “Sign in to Reset”.

Is Ignition Trial forbidden in virtual machine?

Interesting, what version? I run Ignition as a trial on many virtual machines w/o Issue. Linux and Windows.

That sounds more like a browser cookie problem (lost login session) than anything else.

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thanks. problem solved. It’s internet explorer setting problem.

Just for other folks who might end up here–if you go to Security Settings and add the ignition gateway to the “Trusted Sites”, it will usually enable things so the Gateway Webpage functionality will work properly.

WIn7 and IE still has the issue after adding to “Trusted Sites”.

Installed Chrome and it works.

It kinda hard to get Ignition up and running.