Ignition Twilio Module - Overwrites Twilio Account messaging settings?

Not claiming this as a bug, just curious if anyone else experienced the same thing (I am also certainly not sure Ignition is even doing this at all, just asking)

Using these steps in Ignition 8.0.2:

-> Install Twilio Module
-> add your main twilio account in ignition (ACCOUNT SID / AUTH TOKEN)
-> add an Alarm Notification Profile with sms tied to


-> All of your Twilio account active phone number messaging services changes in twilio change from their existing setting.

Anyone seen this?

You’re saying configuring an alarm notification profile in Ignition changed settings in Twilio’s dashboard?

I’m pretty sure that’s not possible - we’re just calling Twilio’s web APIs (through their provided Java SDK) so it’s unlikely we’re responsible for changes there.

Yes, Twilio’s dashboard.

I have had this happen 3 separate times now.

Thought I would ask around and see.

It had happened twice before when I had twilio accounts created (although I am not sure if it was when I was creating the account or not ). The problem had ceased for several weeks when I removed my twilio account from ignition. However… the problem just returned overnight and the only thing I had done the previous night related to twilio was input my twilio account settings into the ‘create twilio account’ area of the Ignition Gateway.

Specifically, the “messaging service” in twilio changes from my pre-configured SMS messaging service to ‘TwIML App’ with the request url of my current gateway. I have that TwiML app created, but it should not be getting assigned to these numbers randomly without my knowledge.

I don’t have any other 3rd party apps connected to twilio but ignition, so either twilio is clearing them (waiting on their support) or someone is hacking my account.

The Twilio module updates the callback URLs for the application SID you provide in the configuration to point at Ignition.

edit: if you have a non-empty Public Hostname configured

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By application SID do you mean the main Twilio Account SID?

I guess that makes sense. I’ll leave Ignition disconnected until ready to cut over.

Yes, sorry, the account SID.

If you don’t have a Public Hostname configured no modifications should be made. If you do, it’s expected.

The module finds the MessagingApplication (Twilio SDK term…) associated with the account SID. Then, if the Public Hostname is configured, it sets the SMS and message status callback URLs to point at Ignition.

It also, regardless of Public Hostname being configured, ensures each phone number on the account SID is associated with the MessagingApplication on startup. (sets the SMS application ID of the number to be the ID of the MessagingApplication).

I think the takeaway from this is that the account configured on the SMS profile should be used only for Ignition.