Ignition UA connectivity between VM's

Dear Folks,

I have a requirement to test OPC-UA connectivity between 2 VM’s created using virtualBox. I have done the following

  1. Created 2 VM’s with windows 8.1 64bit OS
  2. Created NAT network between VM’s
  3. I have tested network connectivity between VM’s by pinging the respective IP address and I got response.
  4. In one of the VM I tried to configure OPC-UA client to connect to other VM’s OPC-UA server. I configured following Endpoint URL: opc.tcp://

I got following error message:

When using 62541 port I have this error: UaException:status=Bad_Timeout,message=io.netty.channel.connectTimeoutException: Connection timed out:/

When using 8088 port I have this error:
UaException:status=Bad_Timeout,message=timed out waiting for acknowledge

I have tried other ports like 8088/4096

Is it a network issue or something else?

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Tried temp disabling firewalls?

I haven’t used virtualbox in quite a while, but I recall that the default NAT network type restricted VM-to-VM communications.

Ignition’s OPC UA server binds to localhost by default. Did you change the bind address on the gateway that will receive the connection to and restart?


I have tried but of no use still in trouble.

But I am able to ping the VM’s

Hi Kevin,

Thankyou for the answer, should I change the binding IP address on OPC-UA server side? Which Address I shall put there?

Yes, on the gateway that will receive the connection under Config > OPC UA > Server Settings set the Bind Address to and restart.

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Thanks a lot Kevin, It worked… :slightly_smiling_face: