Ignition University

Hey IA guys,

I would just like to take the time to say thank you for making the Ignition University system, it was obviously a lot of work and it is very helpful.

I’ve been going through the courses and they are all very good. I’ve been using Ignition for years and I don’t know how many times I’ve said “I wish I knew about that a long time ago!” while watching some of the videos. There are lots of nice tips and tricks in there that you don’t always pick up on by yourself.

Very nice job! Once again you guys are showing why you are the forward thinking leaders of the HMI/SCADA community.


yeah no doubt. IMHO Inductive is going about things the right way. Most of their competitors websites are terrible and getting information about the product is impossible. Open forum? check. full product download? check. online manual? check. online training? check.

I just cant stand going to a product website and seeing nothing but buzz words. Right off the top that tells me that a company isnt looking for innovation.

Thanks guys, we love to hear it! :mrgreen:

And just in case you didn’t notice it, there’s a suggestions form on the search results page for any video you couldn’t find. We will be updating the video library with additional items as we move forward.

Ya, I seen some stuff going through the video’s that had slipped out of the gray matter. :thumb_left: