Ignition update to 8.1.0RC1 License become trial

before only the perspective module is trial , but after update, all the inductive license become trial , any one have the same issue?

Does your current licence have upgrade protection?

A major version upgrade requires changes in your license, for which you usually have to ask, and then “refresh” the license on the licensing page of your gateway. If you have current paid support in place, it will be free.


Probably not a great idea to include the license key on a public forum too!

no protection, i click refresh then it works

thanks for your advise, I click the refresh, it works

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yes, sir , you remind me, I delete the previous picture,

If you don’t have upgrade protection I would check it hasn’t went into emergency state (7 days)…


Thanks a lot, Currently my license is active now, but when I click the link you give me

it need me sign in

when I use my account sign in, I found there are empty, how to use my license key into this page? If one day I have fault in the license active , how to make it running temporary for 7 days?