Ignition Upgrade & ctg problems

I’m having some problems carrying out an upgrade on a system we have, we have a server running Ignition 7.2.8 with the sql database residing on the same server. I want to make a redunant Ignition 7.3.2 system with two new physical servers with the database residing on a virtual server.
At present I’ve done the following:

  1. Set up one of my new servers with Ignition 7.3.2
  2. Done a backup of the old server and restored it to the new server
  3. Set up a new SQL 2005 database and imported the old server data to it ( old server DB was sql 2008 )
  4. Pointed new server to new database

After doing this I’m having trouble running the Click To Graph to display my trend data, I’m getting the following error when I try to open a graph:

Exception: Error running query:
On: CTG_Graph.Root Container.ctg_Chart
caused by GatewayException: Invalid column name ‘created’.
caused by SQLServerException: Invalid column name ‘created’.

Ignition v7.3.2 (b533)
Java: Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_24

Any advice would be appreciated, I’ve attached the wrapper file if it helps.
wrapper.zip (462 KB)

Can you post a screenshot of the tag pens and db pens datasets of the easy chart?

I’ve attached screen shots as requested.
I think there’s a bigger problem in that there is no historical data being logged to database.
Could this be caused by me restoring a 7.2.8 backup onto a 7.3.2 ignition?

I think I may be getting closer to the problem, in that I think the database provided by the client does not give ignition full permissions ( I can’t ALTER a table ). I’ve asked for this to be rectified.

Is it possible that this would cause these problems?

Yes, it is possible Ignition cannot create the SQLTags historian tables. You need CREATE and INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE privileges to your database. Once you have that restart Ignition to see if they get created.